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SyrDos Precision Syringe Doser

The SyrDos syringe dosers are suited for the precise dosing of minute quantities and oxidation-sensitive materials (no air cushion!).
With the integrated 2/3-way valve, it is possible to realise a quasi continuous dosing by automatically refilling the syringe from a storage tank. The refilling period is approximately 6 sec. Optionally, the multi-way valve can be equipped with up to 12 ways.
The syringe doser, in combination with a AutoSam Sample Collector, can also be deployed to draw and bottle samples.


SyrDos1 Syringe Doser with 2/3 Way-Valve
SyrDos1 Syringe Doser with 2/3 Way-Valve

When using two pumps with the -CONT option it is possible to feed continuously. A special algorithm enable shock-free switching.

For independent use the SyrDos2 is qualified.

Technical Data

Operating mode Syringe doser with step motor drive up to 6.000 steps/s
Syringe sizes 50/100/250/500 µl and 1/2,5/5/10/25/50 ml
Max. discharge pressure 8 bar, optionally 30 bars
Dosing in vacuum Possible up to 10 mbar (monitor steam pressure )
Resolution 48.000 steps
Suction lift Self-priming, dependent of media
Media affecting materials Glass, PTFE, Kel-F, optionally ceramics
Media connection UNF ¼“ 28G
Media temperature 15 to 40°C
Activation serial connector RS232 or RS485 (Bus for up to15 pumps)
Power supply 230V AC, 65VA
Media compatibility Various chemicals, require to be examined in individual cases
Protection class IP 20
Dimensions (DxWxH) 70 x 255 x 160mm
Weight 10 kg
Ex-Version No


SyrDos2 Syringe Doser with 2/3 Way-Valve
SyrDos2 Syringe Doser with 2/3 Way-Valve

The SyrDos2 pump offers extended application options.
The integrated control panel with a LC-Display also enable the operation as independent pump.
It supports, in addition to the LabDos-compatible    RS232 protocol, the standardised MODBus-RTU protocol. The power supply for the two pumps is integrated.
If two pumps are accordingly connected with the  -CONT option, continuous conveying is also possible. Shock-free change-overs are reached with a special algorithm.
Due to the robust high grade steel casing, it is also suited for deployment in rouh process conditions.

Technical Data

Mode of Operation Syringe Doser with step motor drive with up to 6.000 steps/s.
Syringe sizes 50/100/250/500 µl and 1/2,5/5/10/25/50 ml
Max. discharge pressure 8 bar, optionally 30 bars
Dosing into Vacuum Possible up to 10 mbar (consider the vapour pressure)
Resolution 48.000 Steps
Suction Height Self-priming, media-dependent
Materials in Contact with Media Glass, PTFE, Kel-F, optional Ceramic
Media Connections UNF ¼“ 28G
Media Temperature 15 to 40°C
Activation Serial Interface RS232 or RS485 (MODBus-RTU Protocol)
Operational Voltage 230V AC, 100VA
Media Compatibility Many chemicals. Please verify individual cases.
Protection Class IP 20
Dimensions (WxHxD) 223 x 270 x 180 mm
Weight approx. 10 kg
EX Version No
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