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Fermentation Technology

RAMOS® System

HiTec Zang developes and produces standardised and customer specific single- and parallel-fermenter-systems and -components for laboratories and pilot plant stations.

RAMOS (Respiration Activity MOnitoring System) is
the standard measurement system for online
determination of respiration activities of prokaryotic
and eukaryotic cultures in shaking flasks. The
respiration rate is usually directly proportional to the
number of cells and therefore enables continuous
monitoring of the growth progression.

Clear Advantages:

  • More information about your microbiological processes
  • Distinction of process-related and biological effects. 
  • Replaces expensive experiments in the fermenter.
  • Identical cultivation conditions as in your reference shaking flask.
  • Easy handling
  • Reduction of development time for bioprocess and cultivation conditions
  • Provides ideal screening conditions.
  • Enables rapid characterisation and targeted
  • optimisation of media.
  • Reduction of test period to the actually required time.
  • Shortens the ?time-to-market?.


For more detailed Information please order our free 350 page catalogue via our contact form or download it here. Please feel free to contact us. We are always looking forward to find solutions for your specific problem.

Further products:

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