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OmniFerm® Edelstahl Pilotfermenter
OmniFerm® Edelstahl Pilotfermenter

Laboratory Fermenter, everything is possible!

The level of automation of common bioreactors in microbiology and cell culture technology has a time lag of twenty years in relation to the automated laboratory reactor systems for chemical laboratories. HiTec Zang makes its experience of over 25 years in laboratory automation henceforth available for the customer-specific automated bioreactor.The advanced fermentation control unit HiFerm FCU allows the automated operation of a fermenter with an unprecedented level of automation.
It is based on the MSRmanager automation system with a special interface module for sensors, actuators, and instruments.
Sensors and actuators are connected with splash waterproof IP65 plugs and bushes, so that the connection is easy to install and, if necessary, disconnected quickly.
The evaluation circuitry for oxygen, pH, temperature sensors etc. is integrated and can be expanded in various ways.
For control of valves and pumps, analogue and digital outputs with short-circuit-proof semiconductor switches are provided.
Analogue inputs for the connection of temperature sensors, electrodes, and miscellaneous sensors are digitalised with 24 bit and yield accordingly excellent measurement accuracy. Digital inputs allow connection of limit switches or malfunction annunciators of additionally connected devices.

Via serial interfaces, laboratory devices like balances, special sensor systems, analysers, dosing systems, gas mixer, etc. can be connected.
Dosing controllers for pump guided or gravimetric dosing are integrated. Thus, dosing systems can be driven by online measurement and analytic values.With the automation software LabVision and the  expansion modules, e.g. the EasyBatch or HiBatch Recipe Control, it is possible to realise complex and challenging automation tasks in an uncomplicated manner. A basic project with the essential functions, views and parameterisations can be expanded nearly arbitrarily by the user.

  • expandable with analysers and special sensors
  • freely-programmable control software LabVision with numerous extension options
  • Complex Process Control is possible 
  • touch screen for keyboard- and mouseless operation
  • automatic managed laboratory journal
  • optionally as complete system with pumps, sensors, etc.
  • Integration of other manufacturers' components is possible

§§§ HiTec Zang projektiert komplette Fermentersteuerungen inklusive aller Hardwarekomponenten, Sensoren, Ventile und Pumpen auf der Basis von LabVision und der LAB- / MSR-manager Systeme nach Lastenheft. Die Fermentersteuerung kann auch an vorhandene Fermenter adaptiert werden.

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