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Cultures of microorganisms, plant cells, mammalian cells or even stem cells are used within bioreactors to produce therapeutically interesting products like Insuline, antibodies and and other functional proteins. Using a fed-batch control microorganisms or cells can be precisely fed and therefore this process is commonly  used in production scale for mass  production of biomass or fermentation products reaching an optimal product yield.
RAMOS-Fed-batch allowes for a fully automated feed control as an extension to the established RAMOS functionality.

RAMOS® Fed-Batch

The new concept allows for parallel feed control of eight shaking flasks. The user can choose between constant, linear and exponential feed profiles or any sequential combination of tho-se profiles. Hence the user is already able to setup and optimise industrial processes in pa-rallel at small scale. Induction, the determination of the half saturation constant Ks, Seed-Train-Technology, toxicity tests are only a few examples describing the potential of the new feeding module. No additional reactor experiments, less equipment needed! Compact paral-lel fed batch technology with integrated exhaust gas analytics; robust, fast and established.

Ask here for more information about full automatic Fed-batch-Dosing for RAMOS.


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