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The LabManager system is on automation and/or process control system with specially suited for laboratories, pilot plant stations mini and pilot-plant equipment. It is suitable for the automation of virtually all chemical-procedures reaching from batch, semi-batch and continuous processes.The LabManager system was developed in close cooperation with specialists from laboratories and pilot plant stations s of major chemical companies. It has proved its worth in a great number of areas as a standard tool.In accordance with the requirements of the NAMUR Working Party for research process control computersystems (RPCCS), particular care has been directed to develop a user-friendly man-machine interface, a compact design, and a high application flexibility.The LabManager RPCCS is especially distinguished by the fact that it is also transparent and easy to handle  for personnel inexperienced in automation technicians even if they want to go into details.With help from the graphically programmable recipe control system HiBatch and a unit operation library, acustomer without automation-technical knowledge can program the control program for a complex synthesis in a few minutes.The LabManager systems usually have a pay-back period below one year!


  • more intense use of your human and capital-resources
  • GLP/GMP raked working method without additional outlay
  • optimal reproducibility of your recipes, also after years
  • complete documentation of the entire process
  • savings during the instrumentation thanks to virtual devices
  • release of the lab personnel from routine activities
  • shorter "Time to Market" period for your products


The most significant Results:

  • Increase of Quality 
  • Lowering of Costs


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