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LabManager-Classic Standard Device

This complete system is particularly suited for the automation of lab reactor plants of medium complexity.


  • 8 Pt100 Inputs (-200 °C ... +600°C)
  • 8 analogue inputs (0/4...20 mA or -10...+10 V) for the connection of analogue sensors for pressure, flow etc. and devices with analogue output as pH meters, thermostats etc.
  • 8 analogue outputs (0/4...20 mA or -10...+10 V) For connecting devices with analogue input as stirrer, thermostat, dosing pump etc.
  • 8 digital inputs (binary and frequency) for the connection of binary sensors such as filling level monitor, pressure regulators or status or alarm outputs of devices
  • 8 active digital outputs (24V, binary, PWM and PFM) For connecting binary actuators such as magnetic valves, heating, pumps, etc.
  • 2 RS232 serial interfaces for the connection of scales, devices and analysers with serial interface
  • Integrated sensor and actuator power supply
  • A free panel place for retrofitting

The system can be updated with additional modules such as IEC 61131 I control module (SF-AWL, SF-AWLPLUS), adaptive automatic controllers (SF-HICON), NAMUR interface driver for serial interfaces (SF-NAMSERxx) etc..

The free panel place can be equipped according to your requirements, for example with a thermocouple panel (LP-THP8 + interface card), a measurement module for load cells (HK-GRADOMS...) or a high precision temperature measurement module (HK-AD24PX8).

LabManager Laborautomatisierungssystem

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