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Calorimetry Evaluation Program KalDas

KalDas is a new development in the field of reaction calorimetry. KalDas provides you with data that you need for model evaluations (e.g. scale up) and for  energy and safety considerations. The programm handles thermal-flow- and also thermal-balance-calorimetry.

KalDas is based on the flexible control and data analysis software platform HiText and can therefore be easily customised to your special requirements.

The acquired data can be evaluated at the push of a button and the results are displayed in a free configurable and a clearly arranged protocol.

KalDas was primarily developed for the HiTec reaction calorimeter. However, there is no constriction to any specific calorimeter, i.e. the program may be adapted to any other device. The thermal flow on the reactor wall is evaluated according to the following formula:

Heat inflow and dissipation of the stirrer, condenser, dosage flow as well as accumulated heat is considered in the calculation. If needed, the calculations may be expanded to heat balance calorimetry or other methods.

KalDas offers:

  • comfortable, grafical user interface
  • freely selectable evaluation strategies
  • freely selectable base line, cp- and kwA-interpolation
  • high-capacity correction and filter functionionality
  • freely configurable event protocols (grafical and numerical)
  • can be adapted to given systems
  • adjustable and extendable to customer needs


With the switch [Options] a dialgo with analysis options is being opened. Here one can adjust the analysis can be adjusted to your needs in a comfortable way. A the data selection screen all relevant data e.g. the heating ramp can be adjusted be correcting the limitation cursor.

Easy handling

The starting dialog will project the reactor system and detailed information about the identifiers.

Extremely versatile

The overview panel projects all relevant data and areas in connection.

Zoom functions and scroll bars can be activated for each axis to enlarge important areas.

You may hide certain curves as well as add others. Here you can see the development of accumulated (Q_AKKU) and conductive power (Q_KOND) during the experiment.

Open to extensions

The freely programmably spreadsheets with extendable PASCAL-Syntax and WYSIWYG enable you to implement event protocols, extended analysis or export formats for third party software.

Easy to operate

In the freely protocols the data will be comfortable visualised. Next to the brutto reaction heat and the calorimetric troughput and the turn-over during the reaction further analysis data like peak values of output and time constants will be documented.

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