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HiText - The Programming Language for Laboratory Automation

HiText is a plain text language which can easily deal with all tasks of laboratory automation.

  • Controlling
  • Online-evaluation
  • Communication between devices
  • Documentation

HiText was develo¬≠ped in cooperation with users from the chemical industry with the aim to achieve a self explanatory and self-documenting language, useful for everyone.  As also users with no programming experience are able to learn HiText in a short time, the language enjoys highest acceptance, in particular for the applications in laboratories and pilot stations.

The module contains a comfortable editor with many helpful functions, a multitasking capable interpreter and a process visualisation tool with debugging assistant.
The syntax check takes place direct during the input.  Errors are underlined and are clearly marked.  Only formal error free programs can be started.
For the calculation of mathematical expressions there are, apart from the basic functions,  all important mathematical functions available. Setpoint value specifications  for controllers can be created  with random progression (Profile).

Beyond that,  the modules of the HiBatch basic operations library are written in HiText. The user can therefore program new unit operations themselves and extend the library.

Therefore HiText is the universal programming language for all tasks of laboratory automation.

You can find a detailed description of all software-modules for laboratory automation in our catalogue, which can be requested here.



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