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Device Control / Data evaluation

Software zus Messung der Sauerstofftransferrate (OTR)
LiquiMaster - AutoSam Steuerungssoftware
DosiMaster - LabDos/SyrDos Steuerungssoftware

Decisive for the development of HiBuilder was the demand by many users for a program that combines the easy handling of the table-oriented programs with the practically unlimited possibilities of a high level language compiler and in addition offers a publication-suitable graphical presentation for the technical-scientific documentation.

  • Online Coupling for Data Collection (LabVision)
  • Unproblematic Handling of even greatest Data Quantities
  • Super fast Arithmetics

HiBuilder offers an enormous functionality:

  • HiText Syntax for randomly complex Evaluation Programs and Work Sheets 
  • Publication-suitable graphical Presentation
  • Form Generator for Dialogue forms , Protocols and Reports
  • Mathematical and statistic Functions 
  • Windows Copy Function for Tables, Diagrams, and Forms
  • Data Export and Import for MS-EXCEL, Databases etc.

With HiBuilder, it is possible to establish complete evaluation programs with the comfortable Windows user interface with only a fraction of the usual time expenditure. For this purpose, dialogue elements, e.g. input fields, buttons, option buttons etc. are available. Examples are the RAMOS Software, LiquiMaster, DosiMaste, KalDas etc. Calculating sheets in HiText-Syntax enable even the most complex calculations to be conducted in a clear manner.

The graphical presentation accords to the general perception in regard to the form of diagrams contained in technical-scientific publications.

The monitor display accords exactly to the  print document (WYSIWYG Principle).

The design possibilities of the diagrams are varied:

  • Free axes allocation of the values , xy- or xt-Presentation
  • Various line types, colours and thicknesses, error bar presentation, and various plot symbols
  • Freely placeable axes
  • Scaling linear, logarithmic and automatic 
  • Coarse and fine raster, extra raster, subsidiary lines

With the help of the Form Generator it is possible to establish protocols and self-calculating forms.

In this manner, you can equip your evaluation programs with an appealing and easy to handle user interface.

With this, HiBuilder closes the currently demanded consistent data chain reaching from the sensor up to the presentation. There is no more chance for (careless) mistakes. This will save you time and money as well as trouble.

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