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Beispiel für ein automatisch erstelltes Laborjournal

Electronic Laboratory Notebook

An electronic laboratory notebook is particularly  a „must-have“, if the laboratory process (synthesis laboratory, fermentation laboratory)  must run GLP-conform (Good Laboratory Practice) or a validated mode of operation is required.

Evaluation and documentation of the experimental data are supported or completely automated. To enable a better overview and clarity, the recorded values are also graphically presented.

The eJournal automatically protocols all information gained in the course of the test progression. Notes can be added manually at any time. The laboratory notebook can be exported as pdf or rtf data file for further processing. The manipulation-secure pdf data file can be transmitted e.g. per E-mail. The rtf data file can be reworked with a word processing program.

The trend towards the electronic document is becoming more and more evident. The American FDA  (Food and Drug Administration) is pushing  the deployment of electronic media within documentation. Due to the Electronic Signature Act,  digitally signed electronic documents are legally equivalent to hand-signed paper documents. The increase of productivity in the research industry  due to the change to an electronic system is estimated to be 50%.

Enhance your electronic documentation with the electronic laboratory notebook, meet GLP demands, achieve a sudden enhancement of productivity and save your results in an optimal way.

The electronic laboratory notebook offers the following features:

  • Individually configurable
  • Export of the Test Report as pdf or rtf Data File
  • Full Text Retrieval in individual or all pdf-Documents

The eJournal structures the data in such a manner that it can easily be retrieved with the help of the  HiLIMS Laboratory-Information-Management-System and are available for further use.


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