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HiLIMS Laboratory Information Management-System

Modern laboratory automation and analysis devices produce huge amounts of raw data, e.g. a recipe control system with online analytics and  chemometrics,  which would remain more or less useless without subsequent efficient data administration and data evaluation. For the purpose of data transfer, the EDP connection to automated laboratory reactor systems, chromatography data systems, instruments etc. is required.


Special features of the HiLIMS:

  • Fast relational SQL Database
  • Self-explaining User Interface
  • Network and Multi-User Capability
  • Smooth Integration in LabVision/HiBatch
  • R&D-oriented
  • Very versatile
  • Integrated forms and Form Designer
  • Integrated Data Mining,  Evaluation and Reporting
  • Various Import and Export Possibilities

HiLIMS is the last but very important link of the processing chain consistently integrated into the LabVision/HiBatch program system. It attaches itself directly on to the data tables of the electronic laboratory notebook and the LabVision data base. It can however also be adjusted as independent program to other systems.

All relevant information such as order, recipe, test parameter, measurement values, events, laboratory data or laboratory notebook are deposited in the LIMS data base in such a manner that they can be retrieved via freely configurable search queries the fastest possible way. This, beyond the better internal organisation, is useful for the securing of property rights and liability issues.


Administration of:

  • Recipe data
  • Batch data
  • Educt and product data
  • Sample data
  • Documents

The data of the tests retrieved with the search function can be evaluated in a diversity of manners. The simplest case is the direct comparison of selected variables in diagram form. For this purpose, various diagrams are available for selection, e.g. array of curves, average values with min/max bars or standard deviations.

The protocol of the evaluation consists, e.g. of a cover sheet with the general information and possibly a copy of the order with the protocol pages following. The layout of the protocol pages is established with the form designer.

Evaluation Possibilities:

  • Evaluation of test series and parallel tests
  • Comparative presentation
  • Statistical evaluation
  • Freely programmable evaluation

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