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LabVision Project Modules

Establishment of Automation Projects in Record Time!


LabVision Projektmodule - Automatisierungsprojekte in Rekordzeit erstellen!

The  LabVision Project Module Technology marks a new generation of automation software of yet un­known user-friendliness and functionality.

Project modules enable the visual establishment of projects with preconditioned, ready to function mo­dules per Drag and Drop Technology. This means that a project is established by moving the required modules of the needed functionalities out of a browser window on to the work sheet.  

Project modules are combined out of different LabVision objects, e.g.:

  • Data Points  
  • Device Components  
  • Operating Objects  
  • Visualisation Objects
  • Monitoring Objects  
  • HiText Programmes
  • Pen Recorders etc.

Completed project modules of the most common configurations are available as a library.

A gravimetric dosing module, for example, consists of a dosing regulator, the data points for the scales, pump and cut-off valve, the respective monitoring and the graphic display and operating objects. In comparison to conventional work procedures, the project establishment time shrinks from a few days to a few, which is especially effective in case of frequently changing assemblies to a point where the expenditure in time and effort can be neglected. Even users with limited automation experience can securely establish a demanding automation project. 
The project modules bring along the required process measurement and control functions and visualisation elements. This means that the data points, for the inputs and outputs, the control components, the user interface etc, are automatically applied and can be immediately deployed.   

An Example:

A 1 litre plant with a stirred reactor, a gravimetric dosing, vacuum control, rectification and distillate weighing is intended for automation.
The required modules are merely pulled over from the browser window on to the work sheet.
A display for operating and monitoring combined out of the project modules then looks as follows:

After the parameters of the regulator modules, for temperature, dosing and vacuum have been set with the help of the automatic parameterisation function, the plant can already be run via the operating dis­play in flow chart presentation.
The performance of the project module is illustrated in the following example. The projected screen has been created in under 10 minutes.


The ALR (Automatic Laboratory Reactor) Project Module Library contains all required modules for the automation project establishment of a flexible laboratory reactor system: 

  • Temperature Regulation cascade with  Thermostat
  • Gravimetric or volumetric Dosing 
  • Solid Dosing 
  • Vacuum Regulation
  • pH Regulation
  • Distillation
  • Rectification
  • Crystallisation
  • Hydration
  • Phase Separation
  • Sample collector
  • Stirring etc.

A project established on the basis of a project module library is HiBatch compatible. This means that it can be used as a basis for the recipe control system and the basis operation library. Already deployed modules are marked in colour in the project module browser of the library. 

The modules can be shared, so that e.g. an expansion by further dosing circuits can be easily realised.

Projecting - The easy Way!

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