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Perfect plant simulation

HiSim simulates the automation system (LabManager, LabBox, MSRmanager or MSRbox) as wekk as the process. The syntax of the HiSim programming language is identical to HiText. Due to multitasking it is possible to simulate many process stages simultaneousely.

This allows the user to operate the "virtual plant" on a pc.
HiSim is typically used for:

  • Training of operators
  • Education
  • Testing of automation projects
  • Simulation of process engineering technology processes

HiSim™ differs from HiText™ essentially as follows:
HiText™ can read values from inputs and write values to ouputs
HiSim™ can write values to inputs (e.g. a temperature value to a "virtual"  temperature measurement input) and read values from outputs (e.g. the set point of a heater)

The reaction of a "virtual" plant to set points can be simulated with suitable programs.

You can transfer and run a simulated project to an real plant without any changes.

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