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The LAB-manager Laboratory Automation System

Research Process Control System

The LabManager system is on automation and/or process control system wich is specially suited for laboratories, pilot plant stations mini and pilot-plant equipment. Due to its functional variety it has been established, in research and development, as an standard for measurement and control, operation, monitoring and analysing. It has been developed consistent according to the recommendations of the NAMUR working group for Research Process Control Systems (RPCS) in cooperation with users from research laboratories of well known chemical companies.

NAMUR compliant

The established Namur termination technique of LabManager and LabBox devices with standarised robust EMC-properties, extraordinary precise and robust interfaces for every standard laboratory equipment shortens setup and modification time.
This is managed by integration of all automation components like power supply for sensors and actors, programmer, transducer and power regulator. The space requirement is reduced to a minimum by the compact design of the LabManager automationsystem.

Online configurable

A PC with Windos operating system is used as display and operation component (ABK). Also the LabVision Software for the ABK was developed to provide the NAMUR recommendations for Research Process Control Systems and stands out on top from other PCS-Software.

Online configurability allows changes during operation without shutting down the running process. Realisation of the NAMUR basis operation concept for the recipe method guarantees the necessary flexibility for frequently changing tasks in laboratories.
The self-explanatory multitasking plain text control language HiText, which renounces cryptic elements, can be learned in a short time also by users without programming experience.

Professional Service

HiTec Zang provides always available after sales support. Like an hotline with qualified experts, flexible trainings or remote maintenance via Internet, TDSL, ISDN or analogue modem. With a minimum of effort we can support you always. All of this gives you the assurance that you have decided for the right automation system in all respects.

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