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Gas Mixing Device Gmix21 in laboratory application

The Gmix precision gas mixing device was especially developed for applications which require highest accuracy and reproducibility of gas mixtures. 
The gas mixture, consisting of up to four gases, can be adjusted individually for the outlet.  
All inlets will be calibrated ex works upon customer request. Up to six gases for eache inlet can be calibrated. Default gases are air, N2, O2 and CO2. Units can be selected as ml/min (default: cm²/min) und g/min.
The Gas Mixing Device Gmix is available both as a RAMOS expansion and as independant system.


Gas Mixing Device Gmix41 front view


The application areas of the precision gas mixing device are, amongst others, all biological fermentations the require a gas composition. Due to the extremely precise gas mixture, the gas mixing device can also be deployed in physical technology and trace gas analytics. One further application area is the calibration of gas sensors.    

entry mask of Gas Mixing Device Gmix41
Software Gasmischstation Gmix41


Flows and percentagae will be entered into and shown in self describing dialogue mass. The actual concentrations are kept constant with high class mass flow controllers (NO time multiplexing!). Thereby, an eminently consistent and precise dosing is assured. Due to the very compact design, the device requires little space. 

Technical Data

Control and Protective Devices

Outlet pressures are measured and controlled for safety reasons.
In case of exceedance of the adjusted outlet pressure, the gas supply will be automatically locked and an alarm signal will be activated.

Operation with RAMOS

During operation with RAMOS, the UI/work station of the gas mixing device is directly integrated in the RAMOS-software. The setpoint values are pre-determined by the operator.
The measured flow and fractions are indicated numerically and the temporal progression is displayed graphically.

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