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Low Pulsation Total Evaporator

The Solution For Precise Vapour Dosing

The new evaporator concept enables low pulsation total evaporation with very good dynamics.


  • Low pulsation total evaporation
  • Dismountable construction
  • Minimal dead volume
  • Very fast responding time
  • Broad spectrum of applications
  • Compact laboratory evaporator

Low pulsation vapour dosing with quick responding behaviour to load changes is required for many technical applications. The essential features are the evaporation in very narrow channels, the strict partitioning of the apparatus into a cooled feed sector and a hot evaporation and overheating sector, as well as the fact that the construction can be disassembled for cleaning purposes. 

The cooling of the liquid in-feed prevents preliminary evaporation of the fed liquid, which leads the phase transition to take place with low pulsation and in a defined range on a very short section.

Quelle: (Freund et al. 2006)

The defined evaporation in narrow channels with low liquid volume ensures controlled and low pulsation evaporation with very fast responding behaviour to load changes.

Quelle: (Freund et al. 2006)
Technical Data
Working Range 2 - 120 g/h
Pressure 0 to 10 bar
Temperature 0 to 400 °C
Heating Exchangeable, electric heating cartridge 230 V, max. 400 W
Medias Amongst others, water, methanol, iso-octane, petrol, SiCl4


High-grade steel 1,4301, 1,4571 (special materials, e.g. Hastelloy available upon request)



Typical Applications

Precise evaporation of liquid dosed feed materials in laboratories and pilot plants.

  • Fuel Cell
  • Car Exhaust Catalysis
  • Reaction Technology
  • Vapour Reforming 
  • Process Technology  ...




Freund, A.; Friedrich, G; Merten, C; Eigenberger, G
Pulsationsarmer Laborverdampfer für kleine Flüssigkeitsströme
Chem. Ing. Tech. 78 (5), 2006, 577-580
DOI: 10.1002/cite.200500174


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