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AutoSam Probenahmesysteme

Automated Sample Collector AutoSam


  • Bottling of Samples
  • Provision of reactants
  • Quenching, Mixing, Diluting
  • Derivatising with several Reactants
  • Liquid/Liquid Extraction
  • Creation of Backup samples

AutoSam is a fully automatic sample handling system with varied application possibilities. The robust construction enables deployment in rough plant environment. In connection with an automation device or a control PC with the LiquiMaster control software, it is possible to realise any procedures time or process-controlled according to specification of test period, time etc. 

Properties and Functions:

  • Materials in contact with media are made of PTFE or PVDF and glass
  • Vessel with septum seal are also reliably processed
  • Bottling under inert gas is possible
  • Exchangeable sample tray
  • Separate, big waste container
  • Control via serial RS232 interface, optional RS485 with ModBus or CanBus protocol, USB, Ethernet or SPS I/O
  • sample collector, fraction collector, multicomponent dispenser
  • Multicomponent mixer, phase separator
  • Fully automated sample handling 
  • Options: magnetic stirrer, tempering system, tandem needle system
  • Free programmable handling methods
  • Free programmable rinsing cycles and needle rinsing programs
  • Protocoling in the laboratory journal and LIMS, as sample ticket etc.

Bottles with septa can be used as sample vessels. Vessels (e.g. 1.5 and 2ml-E-Caps) sealed with plastic covers or thin membranes are suited. By exchanging the sample tray, it is possible to switch to different vessel sizes.

At the zero position of the sample tray, the needle is able to deliver into the waste. At the rear panel of the device, there is a tube connection used for connection to the waste container (waste). The waste liquid can be received in an open vessel or can be convoyed into a closed vessel with ane xtension. A cleaning programm for the needle ensures carryover.

The AutoSam is connected to the HiTec Zang LabManager or any other control system via serial interface. The control is easily conducted via  HiText-Program or HiBatch basis operations. This ensures uncomplicated integration into the HiTec Zang LUIit and MultiLab systems. As a component of the LabVision/LabManager laboratory automation, the control and protocoling can be arranged flexibly.

Type Series AutoSam 200


The AutoSam 200 is the basic device of the AutoSam type series. It is chargeable with sample tray for sample bottles reaching from 1,5 ml to 2 ml and, if necessary, fits well into a cooling incubator.

Bottle Size (ml) Diameter (mm) Numver of Bottles Septum possible
1,5 (E-Caps) 11 31 (+1) yes
2 (E-Caps) 11 31 (+1) yes
2 (standard vials) 12 31 (+1) yes

Type Series AutoSam™ 360


The AutoSam™ 360 can be fitted with sample trays for sample bottles of 2 ml to 100 ml. It can be placed in a refrigerated incubator as required.

Bottle Size (ml) Diameter (mm) Numver of Bottles Septum possible
2 12,0 59 (+1) yes
5 and 8 17,2 48 (+1) yes
10 and 20 23,0 40 (+1) yes
50 46,0 17 (+1) yes
100 56,0 14 (+1) yes

Type Series AutoSam 500

AutoSam500 Modelreihe

The AutoSam 500 is equipped with a 500mm table for sample flasks from 2ml to 500ml and could be used in an incubator or glove box.

Bottle Size (ml) Diameter (mm) Numver of Bottles Septum possible
5 and 8 17,2 59 (+1) yes
12 and 15 19 59 (+1) yes
10 23 49 (+1) yes
25 28 39 (+1) yes
2 12 2x49 (+1) yes
5 15,2 2x49 (+1) yes
250 71 15 (+1) yes
500 87 12 (+1) yes

Type Series AutoSam-XL

The type series AutoSam xl is suited for the bottling of the total reactor content into containers up to  2 litres. The permanently mounted high-grade steel nozzle moves to a waste position when in wait state, so that dripping rests can be directly disposed and can not cause spoilage.

Bottle Size (mL) Number of Bottles Septum possible
2000 8 yes
1000 12 yes
500 14 yes


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