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Formulation & handling stations

Programmed formulation stations are used for the automatic generation and setting of formulations for certain targets such as final volume and viscosity. The required unit operations such as filling with liquids and solids, stirring, measurement, dosing etc. are carried out using programs. This results in many forms of application in the chemical, pharmaceutical, bio-technical, cosmetics and foodstuffs industries.

The technical hardware and software possibilities are almost unlimited thanks to the customized method of manufacture and flexible automation system.

The devices are created using a combination of various components from our mechatronic modular system with our laboratory automation systems, laboratory apparatus and sensor/actuator components.

The procedures are programmed using the self-explanatory script language HiText™ or in the table-based EasyBatch™. They can therefore be particularly simply and comfortably adapted by the user to suit changed conditions. Reports can be automatically created and the report layout flexibly arranged.

Reports can be automatically stored in the database of the laboratory information management system HILIMS™. HiLIMS™ supports the comfortable and efficient administration of all parameters and data.

Reports can be quickly retrieved as required with the aid of freely designed queries.

Rotary table type

The automatic formulation station shown above produces up to 8 formulations fully automatically in replaceable containers with a volume of 1 to 5 litres. The operator fits the table before the test with stirrer containers which contain a desired amount of the sample.

Once the test has started the samples which have been presented are consecutively set to the given viscosity and final quantity by the additional dosing of certain reactants. The stirrer is automatically cleaned so that contamination is precluded.

The best possible reproducibility, and thus a consistent product quality level through various tests, is achieved through the high-resolution torque recording of the ViscoPakt®-rheo torque measurement stirrer.

Compared with the previous manually performed procedure, a typical time saving for the test time of over 70 % and of over 80 % for the treatment time results through the automated formulation. The payback of the systems is then appropriately quick. Additional advantages worth mentioning are the improved reproducibility and product quality and the automatically generated documentation.

The required sensors may be fully integrated and enable measurement directly in the containers. In comparison with in-situ sensors, the measuring probe has less wear and may be more easily replaced and calibrated.


  • Flexible design
  • Large choice of vessels
  • Fully automated
  • Freely programmable
  • Flexible sensors
  • Short pay-back time

For special applications a pneumatically driven linear type is available as an alternative to the formulation stations based on rotary tables or AutoSam™ sample collectors.

Particular applications

  • Hazardous areas
  • Low available construction depth


  • Pneumatic drive
  • Filling of sample bottles, bottle size 250 ml (plastic or glass, other sizes on request)


  • Programmed handling of liquids and solids
  • Automatic sensors (pH, Redox, conductivity, ion-selective electrodes, turbidity, pO₂, viscosity, in-situ spectroscopy)
  • LIMS coupling
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