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SciBot™ multifunctional laboratory robot systems

SciBot™ with operator

HiTec Zang manufactures SciBot™ laboratory robot systems on a tailor-made basis for special applications. A coupling with online analysis systems and the connection of external pumps, valves etc. is possible thanks to seamless integration into the LabVision® automation environment.

Process programming is preferably carried out using the table-based hteMaster™ (EasyBatch™) process programming system, either with structured text (HiText™ or HiBuilder™), or with the aid of a customised generated graphical user interface. Thus, a pre-requisite is created for flexible implementation of many different operations and experiments.

An optional tool changer is able to accommodate various actuators, sensors and tools such as a stirrer, dispersing device, pipette tip, solid matter dosing device, pH probe, fill level detector, ATR probe or microscope camera.

Thus, time-consuming operations, which were previously manually conducted, can be complete automatically. Expansion is easily possible thanks to its compatibility with the LabManager® system and LabVision® software.

General properties and functions

  • Flexible liquid handling platform
  • Sterilisable as an option
  • Additional sensors can be integrated
  • Additional actuators can be integrated
  • Simple integration into upstream and downstream applications

Typical applications

  • High Throughput Experimentation (HTE parallel syntheses)
  • Upstream/downstream processing
  • Screening
  • Liquid handling
  • Emulsifying, dispersing, titrating
  • Formulations
  • Cell culture in microtiter plates

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