The designer is a tool for creating display and control graphics (process images), report forms, operating panels for devices etc..

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LabVision® Process Report

In the process report all events, values or parameters are recorded and visualised whose presentation as a graph are not useful or possible.

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LabVision® Multi-Plotter System

The multi-plotter is an innovative, holistic plotting system. It displays to you the current and historical process conditions in the form of values (analogue plotters), events (event plotters) and process phases (phase plotters) clarity and consistency not seen until now.

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LabVision® Online Chart

The Online Chart displays diagrams of values against time. The time axis can be optionally labelled with absolute time or time relative to the time of commencement, i.e. starting with zero.

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LabVision® Project Modules

The technology of the LabVision® project modules marks a new generation of automation software with a user-friendliness and functionality not seen until now. 

Instantiated project modules enable the visual creation of projects using prefabricated, ready-to-use modules using a drag and drop technology, i.e. a project is established by moving the required project module elements necessary for the demanded functions from a Designer library onto the worksheet.

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LabVision® Data Export

The data export server supports the manual and automatic exporting of value and report files in many file formats.

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LabVision® Access Control and User Administration

Depending on requirements, the user administration may be set by the administrator to the strict FDA regulations (GLP, GMP and FDA 21 CFR Part 11), or to quick ability to react to faults and to restrictions against operating errors.

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Monitoring and Reporting in LabVision®

Complex systems require sophisticated, flexible alarm strategies. The extended alarm module was developed for this reason. In this way, various reactions to threshold and warning value violations can be set up by the user.

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LabVision® Multi LabCam System

The Multi-LabCam system offers the possibility to document visual procedures automatically, either event-controlled or at programmed intervals and by manual triggering as a digital picture or a video.

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HiText Controling, Monitoring and Evaluating in Plaintext

HiText is a plaintext language for control, online evaluation and communication

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HiBatch Recipe Control and Administration

The HiBatch recipe module is the ideal tool for automating frequently changing applications with a minimum of effort. HiBatch enables the creation of recipe flow diagrams by linking unit operations with the help of a graphical recipe editor. 

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EasyBatch Table-based Batch Control

EasyBatch enables uncomplicated table-based and self-documenting programming. It can be intuitively operated. EasyBatch can also be used in conjunction with manual operation and easily ensures reproducibility.

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eJournal Electronic Laboratory Notebook

The electronic laboratory notebook eJournal is more than an adequate substitute for a paper-based laboratory notebook. eJournal automatically records all information gathered in the course of a test. In addition, it is also possible to consistently display and archive test regulations, material properties of the reactants and products, laboratory analyses and other information.

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