The DC-Manager-System

The DC-Manager is mainly used in plants of the process engineering and chemical industry as well as research, environmental measurement and process engineering, test field automation and the manufacturing industry. It will be used instead of the LabManager® when the system is hardwired.

The functionality largely coincides with that of the LabManager® system. Both systems can be used in combination if, for example, the basic instrumentation of a system is hardwired with a DC-Manager and flexible expansion possibilities are realised via standardised LabManager® connector technology.

Special emphasis was placed on a compact design and flexibility. One of many advantages over conventional solutions based on PLC or process computer results from the possibility to change the parameterisation even at runtime without having to shut down the system. Especially in demanding automation projects, the DC-Manager shows its special capabilities.

Universal, potential-free and flexible interfaces save many transducers, interface and driver circuits. With minimum space requirements the DC-Manager provides the solution of even the most complicated tasks itself which where impossible with conventional devices, or only with great effort.

The DC-Manager is an economical alternative to many other systems due to its flexible application possibilities and its universal connection technology.

The wide range of available inputs and outputs will be supplemented for the connection of scales, analyzers, metering devices, etc. by COM servers with a variety of serial interfaces.

The Connection Technology

DC-Manager I/O modules have four interfaces each with plug-in connection terminals. The wiring can be loosened without tools.

With the help of bus coupler units distributed systems can be easily realised. User-defined addressing of the I/O modules allows individual modules to be removed, even during operation, or inserted at any position in the group. The configuration does not have to be changed for this.

Characteristics of the DC-Manager

With the integrated 32-bit processor, the DC-Manager is able to control and regulate a system autonomously.

The CPU is monitored by a hardware watchdog circuit and brings the system in disorders in a safe state, e.g. by switching off the supply of the connected peripherals. In addition, every I/O module automatically applies appropriate security measures in the event of a fault.

The DC-Manager is certified and complies with DIN EN 61010-1: 2010 / DIN EN 61010-2-201: 2013 and is based on DIN EN 61508. The firmware or function is based on DIN EN 61508 / EN 61311.

The system can be operated locally via a touch PC or tablet. The configuration is done using the proven LabVision® automation software suite.

The System Structure

The DC-Manager will be equipped with the required connection modules. An Ethernet interface is provided for connection to the OSs (operator station). The operator stations used are HiTec Zang OSs. Networked systems and the integration of control systems from other manufacturers are possible.

Characteristics & Advantages

  • 32-bit CPU
  • Dedicated communication processor
  • Redundant time base and system monitoring (watchdog)
  • Electrical isolation between bus side and I/O side
  • Industrial-grade, robust bus system
  • Robust design against damage by ESD
  • Low power consumption and heat development
  • Safety based on EN61010 and EN61508
  • 2-point scaling/calibration for all data points (inputs, outputs,...)
  • Limit and warning values for all data points
  • Manual/automatic mode for all data points
  • Integrated filter functions: low pass, averaging, min., max., distribution, variance
  • Linearisation tables for Pt100, NiCr-Ni, Fe-CuNi (type L), etc. and user-defined tables in the flash memory
  • Device components for connections of data points
  • Sensor and conductor error detection
Number of I/O modules per group max. 15
Power supply 24 V (18…30 V)
Activation voltage 9…50 V
Dimensions (HxWxD) CPU/BCUI module: 99,5 x 45 x 114,5 mm;
I/O module: 99,5 x 22,5 x 114,5 mm
Working temperature 0…+40 °C
Storage temperature 0…+65 °C
Security IP20
Safety EN 61010, EN 61508
EMC EN 61326-1

I/O Modules for DC-Manager Systems

Suitable I/O modules for din rail mounting based on the current NAMUR standard are available for all sensor-actuator interfaces for the connection of sensors, actuating elements and devices to the DC-Manager ASs.
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