IL PLC Functions for ASs

The IL module brings extended PLC functions to all HiTec ASs.

The programming of control processes in an instruction list (IL) has been internationally standardised via EN 61131 and has proven itself in practical use. The HiTec ASs, MSRmanager, MSRbox, LabManager® and LabBox®, are thus able to independently carry out control functions, i.e. without any participation of the OS (user PC). The IL control language and dynamic device components are provided for this purpose and can be active even when the PC is switched off. Thus, the HiTec laboratory and MSR systems meet the safety-related NAMUR category 3.

The IL control rounds off the LabManager®/MSRmanager system and at the same time expands its area of application towards larger projects. 

As it is implemented on an AS, it significantly increases its security and enables the programming of even more complex security and running routines which can be achieved without any involvement of an OS.

The measurement and control technology oriented language IL and the device components are an ideal supplement to the application technology oriented HiText control and evaluation language. It is recommended that they are used if the control functions need to be particularly secure, i.e. they must be run even in the case of an OS failure, or increased demands are placed on the level of performance. 

IL control supports, among others, the following IEC 61131 commands

Operator Meaning
LD Load operand
ST Save operand
Set, re-set, depending on operand
Boolean AND
Boolean OR
Boolean exclusive OR
Greater than comparison
Greater or equal to comparison
Equal to comparison
Unequal to comparison
Smaller or equal to comparison
Smaller than comparison
JMP Jump to a given line
NOP No operation

IL control supports the following data types

Description Type
AS data points All types of AS data points
Word memory Analogue, digital 32 bit
Bit memory Bool
Digital inputs directly addressed Bool
Digital outputs directly addressed Bool
Constants Integer and floating point values

IL control supports the following function blocks

Name Description
TP timer Timer Pulse
TON timer Timer on-delay
TOF timer Timer off-delay
CTU counter Counter up
CTD counter Counter down
CTUD counter Counter up/down
F_TRIG Negative edge triggered flip-flop
SR RS flip-flop with overriding set
RS RS flip-flop with overriding reset

The number of existing system function blocks amounts to:

  • 30 timers
  • 10 counter
  • 100 RS flip-flops

The optional direct addressing of the digital inputs and outputs enables quick access to these inputs and outputs. Additionally, this direct access is protected from faulty parameterisation or manipulation via the user interface.

Data points which are used are easily available in all other modules of an OS and an AS; i.e. they can be connected with visualisation objects or can be used in HiText programs.

The Program Editor

The comfortable editor (like the HiText editor) offers many debugging functions such as Breakpoint, Step-Over, Trace-Into, CPU-Window, and Watch Window with a value modification function.

Online help functions are integrated. The reserved language elements are marked and comment areas are highlighted in colour (syntax highlighting).

Entered programs are checked regarding the correct use of the programming language before performing the download into the AS and its activation.

Test Support

The monitoring of terms supports troubleshooting, particularly during the development phase. The current values of freely selectable data points and flags are displayed and constantly updated here.

AWLplus Structured Text

By using AWLplus an IL program can be written as structured text in HiText oriented syntax. The program is translated into the IL syntax before being executed.

Order Details

Product code Description
SF-AWL IL Control Module for an AS
SF-AWLPLUS AWLplus Control Module for an AS, IL and structured text