Solid matter dosing on a laboratory scale!

Solid Matter Dosing
Easy dispensing, portioning and filling of even small quantities!

The manual adding of solid matter in powder/granulate or crystalline form to a schedule or the exact filling of a defined quantity is a sensitive procedure. While suitable apparatus is widely available today on a production scale, analogue devices on a laboratory scale have been hard to find until now.

By dosing with our LabDos® Solid product range you can now automate these working operations even on a laboratory scale.

While the flow properties of liquids can generally be easily characterised through their viscosity and flow curves, the relationships for solid matter are considerably more complex. Thus, it is, for example, only possible to an extent to derive the suitability of a particular dosing principle from the angle of pouring, pouring density, particle shape and grain size distribution. Because solid matter can be so varied there will never be one single „solid matter dosing device“ which is suitable for all materials.

LabDos® Solid dosing devices are also able to master special tasks such as the dosing of biogenic raw materials or industrial diamonds.

Standard Dosing Principles