LabDos® Solid-SC Cellular Sluice Conveyors
for Powders, Granulates, Crystals...

The LabDos® Solid-SC sold matter dosing device is suited for the dosing of solid matter in powder and granulate form.

The manual addition of solid reactants to a schedule or the setting of a pH value by the addition of solid matter is a time-consuming and potentially volatile operation for a laboratory worker.

You can now also automate these working operations by using LabDos® Solid-SC. It is also ideally suited to the automatic inoculation of crystallization processes.

LabDos® Solid-SC fits ideally into the structure of a reactor thanks to its slim construction and can be directly operated via a PFM (pulse frequency modulation) digital output of a LabManager®.

Independent operation is possible with the use of the special LabDos® Solid control unit IF-P-SOLID-SC-ST.

Advantages of the Cellular Sluice Conveyor

  • Resistant against most chemicals
  • Suited for powder and granulate dosing.
  • Large dosing rate range
  • A new form of mechanical
  • Gravimetric dosing possible in combination with GraviDos®
  • Dosing of solid matter
  • pH value control with solid matter
  • Inoculation of crystallization processes
  • Very low space requirement, extremely easy assembly
  • May be fully dismantled for cleaning
Dimensions approx. 130 x 500 x 80 mm
Connection NS29/32
Housing material Borosilicate glass, polyoxymethylene (POM), V4A stainless steel
Weight approx. 1,300 g
Dosing tank (maximum dosing quantity) 200 cm³, approx. 2,200 cm³ with optional refilling tank
Control (IS-SOLIDOS2-x) 24 V impulse, pulse duration 200 ms
Power supply 24 V DC, 1 A
Scope of delivery Dosing device with 1.5 m connecting cable for an active digital output of a LabManager® AS or standalonecontrol unit, as an option also connecting cable for LabManager® Classic or LabBox® AS
LabDos® Solid Control Device for Stand-Alone Operation

The LabDos® Solid control unit provides the functions which are best for the operation of the LabDos® Solid dosing devices.

The device can be controlled both manually via the film keyboard and via a serial (optional) or analogue interface. This compact device can be used everywhere even without an automation system due to its five dosing modes.

Further Information on this Device

Product Code Description
IF-P-SOLID-SC-x Solid matter dosing device, basic unit for LabManager®
IF-P-SOLID-SC-x-ST Solid matter dosing device, basic unit for stand-alone controller
IF-P-SOLID-SC-SK-x LabDos® Solid-SC lock chamber
IF-P-SOLID-SC-HEIZ Electric heating element for the heating of the connecting piece for the prevention of condensation
IF-P-SOLID-SC-KF Cold trap against condensation in the connecting piece, NS29/32
IF-P-SOLID-SC-IN Inerting connection for LabDos® Solid-SC solid matter dosing device on the drive
IF-P-SOLID-SC-NB LabDos® Solid-SC refilling tank, 2,000 cm³
IF-P-SOLID-SC- HC4 Option of metal parts in contact with the medium in Hastelloy


x=Model -12 -25 -50 -100 -200 -400
Dosing rate approx. cm³/min) 12 25 50 100 200 400
Dosing quantity approx. (cm³) 0,12 0,25 0,50 1 2 4