LabDos® Solid-DRM Drum Feeders

The LabDos® Solid-DRM drum feeder conveys and doses solid matter in powder and granulate form gravimetrically from a storage container.

The drum feeder doses even "exotic" and difficult solid matter such as diamonds or absorbing particles in a trouble-free manner. The devices may be supplied in a customized form in various sizes.

The LabDos®-gm control unit is available for gravimetric dosing. Alternatively, gravimetric dosing can be carried out using a LabDos®-vm in conjunction with an automation system or a UniDos dosing controller.

The drum feeding principle opens up a series of interesting possibilities in applications in which sterility, toxicity or shear-sensitivity plays an important part.

Advantages of the Drum Feeder

  • Precise feed of small amounts
  • Careful dosing
  • Continuous feed
  • Dead space free dosing
  • No compression of the medium during dosing
  • Easy assembly
  • May be fully dismantled for cleaning
  • Robust design
  • Quick changing of the storage device
Dimensions (W x H x D) approx. 434 x 338 x 331 mm
Weight approx. 2.3 kg
Maximum dosing quantity 1,000 cm³
Dosing rate 0,5…100 g/min (substance dependent)
Housing material V4A stainless steel 1.4571
Materials in contact with media Depending on used drum, borosilicate glass or V4A stainless steel 1.4571
Interfaces RS232, option of analogue interface, 0…5 V, 0/4…20 mA
Scope of delivery Dosing device with connecting cable for control unit
LabDos®-vm Control Device for Volumetric Dosing

The LabDos®-vm control device provides the functions required for volumetric stand-alone operation of the LabDos® Solid solid matter dosing device.

Further Information on this Device

Product Code Description
IF-P-SOLID-DRM1 LabDos® Solid-DRM drum solid matter dosing device, basic unit
IF-P-SOLID-DRM1-V4A-1000 Dosing drum for IF-P-SOLIDOS-DRUM1, Material: V4A, Volumes: 1,000 cm³
IF-P-SOLID-DRM1-BGL-1000 Dosing drum for IF-P-SOLIDOS-DRUM1, Material: Borosilicate glass, Volumes: 1,000 cm³
IL-P-LABDOS-GM LabDos®-gm control unit for gravimetric stand-alone dosing operation
IL-P-LABDOS-VM LabDos®-vm control unit for volumetric stand-alone dosing operation
IP-P-LABDOS-AE Option of analogue interface, 0…5 V, 0/4…20 mA