InoDos-Inoculation Feeders

The InoDos-inoculation feeder allows for the automatic dosing of powder, crystals and other solid matter into a reaction vessel.

A typical application is the inoculation of crystallisation processes.

There are two different basic types of the InoDos-inculation feeder. One for batch operation, in which the whole material will be dosed at once and another for continuous operation, which doses a defined amount of material with each pulse. The defined amount depends on the material.

By means of sleeve elements the feeder can be mounted directly on a NS29 socket, without big effort.

When using the sleeve element IL-B-INODOS-HL100, the dosing material will be dosed directly into the centre of the reactor through an extension pipe with a 10° bend.

The maximum dosing capacity can be increased to 14.7 cm³ by using the optional storage tank.

The inoculation feeder can be directly connected to a digital output of a LabManager®.

Advantages of InoDos

  • Riskless addition of solids
  • Automatic addition of the inoculum
Maximum dosing quantity 4.7 cm3
Dimensions (W x H x L) 75 x 100 x 78 mm
Housing material PEEK, PTFE and stainless steel 1.4301
Weight approx. 400 g
Operating voltage 24 V / 2 A
Scope of delivery Inoculation feeder basic unit with solenoid drive
Product Description
IL-B-INODOS-BATCH Inoculation feeder basic unit for batch operation (batch dosing)
IL-B-INODOS-KONTI Inoculation feeder basic unit for continuous operation (pulse dosing)
IL-B-INODOS-HL100 Sleeve element for inoculation feeder, for a NS29 socket with extension pipe and a 10° bend to dose into the centre of the reactor, length 100 mm
IL-B-INODOS-HS Sleeve element for inoculation feeder for NS29 socket, length 45 mm
IL-B-INODOS-NB Optional storage tank for inoculation feeder, capacity approx. 10 cm3
ZK-VMB-SG01-OD-XA-O-01 Connection cable for inoculation feeder, 3 m, with open ends
ZK-VMB-HI41-OD-XA-I-01 Connection cable for inoculation feeder, 3 m, for LabManager®-Classic
ZK-VMB-HI41-OD-XA-I-51 Connection cable for inoculation feeder, 3 m, for LabManager®