RAMOS®-fb Fed-Batch Extension

Medically attractive products, like insulin, antibodies and many more, are synthesised in bioreactors with the help of microorganisms and cell cultures.

Microorganisms or cells in a culture are fed in a defined way using a fed-batch control system.

This process has previously been used in mass production in large fermenters for the achievement of an optimal yield of biomass and/or product.

The RAMOS® system fed-batch enables fully automated fed-batch fermentation in shake flasks or stirred vessels. The RAMOS® parallel fermenter system with the proven respiration rate measuring method is thus expanded to include an automated dosing system.

Feed 8 syringes with a volume of up to 10 ml
Dosing rate 0.6 μl/h to 380 ml/h
Product code Description
VA-RAMOSFTTD8 Program-supported dosing, 8 channels, 8 syringes with up to 10 ml volume