Stirrer Blades

Stirrer type Preferred application Speed range about (rpm)** Preffered Flow Viscosity limit approx. mPa∙s (cSt) Diameter ratio (D/d)
Anchor stirrers Where there is a wall covering, there is good heat exchange, strong shear flow, medium to highly viscous 20…500 tangential 50,000 1.05…1.1
Propeller stirrer Good blending, swirl up of light solids, thickening agent 200…1,800 axial 4,000 3…6
Disk stirrers/turbo stirrers Dispersing, gassing, strong shear flow 300…1,500 radial 1,000 2…4
Impeller agitator Good blending 500…1,500 radial 10,000 1.5…2
MIG-stirrer High mixture rate, strong shear flow, for low to medium-sized viscosities 200…1,000 axial 10,000 1.05…1.5
Toothed disk/ dissolver stirrers Particle crushing 1,000…3,000 radial 100,000 2…5
Turbine stirrer Highly viscous media, lacquers, medium to high rotational speeds 400…2,200 axial 200,000 3…6
Cross-beam agitator Shear flow in several areas, liquids of average viscosity, good heat exchange 400…800 tangential 10,000 1.1…2
Diagonal blade stirrer Good axial blending, avoidance of stratification 500…2,500 radial 1,000 2.5…3.5
Gat paddle agitator Average viscosity, shear flow, good heat exchange 200…700 tangential 5,000 1.4…2
Flat-blade paddle agitator Low rotational speed, strong shear flow, very gentle at low rotational speeds 20…100 tangential 100 1.5…3
Spiral/coil agitator Powerful shear flow, for highly viscous liquids, suspensions, pastes 50…200 axial 50,000 1.1…1.5

**for D approx. 20 cm

Product Code Description
IR-RBL-AN-rd-ws-wl-wd-bs Anchor stirrer
IR-RBL-PR-rd-ws-wl-wd-bs Propeller stirrer
IR-RBL-SC-rd-ws-wl-wd-bs Disk/turbo stirrer
IR-RBL-IP-rd-ws-wl-wd-bs Impeller agitator
IR-RBL-ZA-rd-ws-wl-wd-bs Toothed disk/dissolver stirrer
IR-RBL-MI-rd-ws-wl-wd-bs MIG-stirrer
IR-RBL-TU-rd-ws-wl-wd-bs Turbine stirrer
IR-RBL-KR-rd-ws-wl-wd-bs Cross-beam agitator
IR-RBL-ST-rd-ws-wl-wd-bs Diagonal blade stirrer
IR-RBL-GI-rd-ws-wl-wd-bs Gat paddle agitator
IR-RBL-BL-rd-ws-wl-wd-bs Flat-blade paddle agitator
IR-RBL-SP-rd-ws-wl-wd-bs Spiral/coil agitator
rd Largest diameter in mm (d)
ws Material = ES for stainless steel, GL for glass
wl Shaft length in mm
wd Shaft diameter in mm
bs Coating = GL for glass coating, PFA for PFA-coating, PTFE for PTFE-coating