Stirrer Couplings

These stirrer couplings are manufactured from POM, a mechanically hard, light plastic.

The power is transmitted by a completely innovative construction with internally fitted stainless steel balls.


  • High power transmission of up to 3 Nm
  • Easy assembly of the stirrer shafts in a Ø 8 mm and Ø 10 mm holder (compression fitting)
  • Extra-long mounting trunnion with Ø 10 mm, 8 mm external hex and a length of 90 mm, generates space (length can be shortened by the user)
  • Temperature resistance -20…+110 °C, without stress
  • Light but high-strength design
  • Extremely low centrifugal force as a result of the low weight
  • Suitable for glass, metal or PTFE-sheathed stirrer shafts
  • Independent of the direction of turn
  • Design is free of any play (no oscillation or resonance)
  • Suitable for rotational speeds of 1,200 rpm

Standard Design

Design for Magnetic Stirrer Seal

Bellows couplings

Our flexible stirrer shaft extensions are suited for the bridging of longer distances between the stirrer drive and stirrer lead-through.

They are made up of bellows couplings and stainless steel shafts.