LSMagS magnet paddle reactor

Possible use-cases

  • For the production of nano-magnetic particles on a large scale
  • The simplification of downstream processes
  • Reactions in which enzymes or other biological molecules are immobilised on a fixed magnetisable carrier
  • Heterogeneous hydrogenation, also in organic dissolvents, in which the catalyst is located on a fixed magnetic carrier
  • Other chemically catalysed reactions in which the catalyst is fixed on a magnetic carrier
  • Preparative isolation and purification of proteins
  • Transformation processes for medical (anti-body purification/separation), biological, pharmaceutical or technical foodstuff-related applications which are run with the aid of magnetic nano-particles
  • Complexing agents bonded to a magnetic carrier may repeatedly reversibly remove heavy metals, such as copper or nickel, from solutions
  • Polymerisation reactions in which the catalyst is bonded to a magnetic carrier
Product code Description
VA-LSMAGS Customized design of the LSMagS magnet paddle reactor