Turbine flow sensors for heat transfer oil

These flow measurement sensors have been developed for the measurement of the volume flow of water, fuel, heating oil, heat transfer oil, coolant, pharmaceutical, chemical and cryogenic liquids, liquid gases and solvents.

They are particularly suited in the area of reaction calorimetry for the flow measurement of heat transfer oil at temperatures of up to 350 °C.

They are used as a standard element in our thermal balance calorimeters. Thanks to their short response time and high resolution they are also suited for chemical or pharmaceutical filling and dispensing systems.

They work based on the principles of a wheel flow meter.

    Coriolis mass flow meters & controllers

    These mass flow sensors and controllers are used for the measurement and control of the mass flow of liquids: They work based on the Coriolis principle, the currently best available measurement principle.

    They offer the great advantage compared with all other flow meters that the mass flow is measured independently of the material properties. Thus, multiple-phase materials can also be measured without any problems.

      Thermal mass flow meter & controller

      These thermal flow sensors are used to measure the mass flow of liquids. They work based on the calorimetric principle.

      The digital LIQUI-FLOW® series L30 mass flow meter/controller has been developed for measuring ranges of between 2 kg/h and 20 kg/h. This ideally supplements the larger measuring ranges of the smaller product family (down to small ranges of 30mg/h). The mass flow meter is based on a straight stainless steel 316L tube.

      A temperature sensor and a heating coil are fitted to the outside of this tube using thin film layer technology. The sensor signal is obtained from the measurement of the flow which is necessary for a consistently small increase in the temperature of the liquid.