PhaDec-x Phase Limit Detector

The HiTec Zang PhaDec-x is a robust and inexpensive detector system for the recognition of phase boundaries. PhaDec-x is particularly used for the automatic separation and separate filling of liquid phases from reactors or collecting vessels, for example after reactions with phase transfer catalysis, after azeotrope distillations or after extractions.

Advantages of PhaDec-x

  • Robust and inexpensive
  • Can be integrated into each system
  • Universal for all fluid phases – even for opaque or non-conductive fluids
  • Pressure-resistant and chemically stable
  • Also usable as temperature probe
  • Inert materials: Glass, stainless steel, Hastelloy, PEEK, PTFE

PhaDec-x uses the varying heat conductivity of the phases for the recognition of an interface.

Thus, the use of PhaDec is not limited to transparent or conductive fluids. A special resistance sensor is used which, at the same time, can be applied for temperature measurement.

PhaDec-x works with almost all fluids, no matter whether they are liquids or gas, conductive or non-conductive, transparent or opaque. PhaDec-x provides signals which can be analysed as long as a clear phase limit exists.

The sensor can be supplied with all known sheathing materials. An influx time for a quick discharge of a large part of the lower phase is taken into account in the basis operation.

The reaction time of the PhaDec-x depends on the type of sensor used. Sensors with a metal jacket and small external diameters react most quickly. We recommend an external diameter of up to 3 mm for a quick response. But detection can also be successfully carried out using PTFE-sheathed sensors with an external diameter of 6 mm.

PhaDec-x is thus universally suited for the detection of liquid/liquid and liquid/gaseous phase limits.

The stand-alone version of PhaDec-x is adjusted to the fluids used by a teach-in. The active (24 V) and the passive switch output (open collector) switch if a phase change is detected.

Main application areas

  • Extraction
  • Extractive distillation
  • Azeotrope distillation
  • Phase transfer catalysis

Other areas of application

  • Level controller
  • Flow controller
  • Outlet warning device
Outputs 0/24 V for magnetic valve or auxiliary contactor (maximum 500 mA), status (open collector), RS-232 optional
Cable length 200 cm (modifications possible)
Ambient temperature -20…+70 °C
Further diameters on request.
Product code Description
IL-PHADEC-X PhaDec-x stand-alone system for the detection of phase boundaries
IL-PHADEC-SE PhaDec-x stainless steel sensor element, diameter 2 mm
IL-PHADEC-PTFE PhaDec-x PTFE pipe sensor element, diameter 6 mm