hteMaster Robot Control Software

The hteMaster control software enables intuitive programming of the SciBot laboratory robot.

The Possibilities

  • Free selection of the control of the xyz positions, the vessel and needle position and the tools
  • Simple definition of individual vessels, arrays and microtiter plates
  • Freely programmable rinsing cycles and needle rinsing programs
  • Simple programming of multi-tiered parallel syntheses
  • Integration of sensors and analysers
  • Control of valves and pumps
  • Freely programmable liquid handling procedures
  • Reporting on a sample ticket etc.
  • Data exchange with LIMS systems

The order of the vessels and microtiter plates, traversing height and immersion depth etc. is clearly defined in table form.

The software is based on HiBuilder/HiText and can be suitably simply expanded in any direction. It may be run on PCs with the Windows® operating system and on a LabCommander mini-notebook.

SciBot can be employed on standard liquid handling tasks by using the hteMaster light Version (SL-SCIBOT-HTEL).

The hteMaster full version additionally enables free programming in HiText syntax, as a result of which additional valves and pumps can be controlled and devices and sensors integrated via freely programmable reports. 

The optional SciBot feature connector (IL-SCIBOT-FEACON) enables the connection of two further valves and two binary sensors to the SciBot.

Further sensors and devices may be integrated via an RS232 interface.

Liquid Handling Library

IL-SCIBOT-BIB software library for HiText, HiBuilder and hteMaster contains routines for the most important liquid handling tasks such as:

  • Pipetting
  • Pipette changing
  • Stirring
  • pH value measurement
  • Cleaning
Product code Description
SL-SCIBOT-HTE hteMaster Control Software for SciBot laboratory robots
SL-SCIBOT-HTEL hteMaster Control Software for SciBot laboratory robots, light version
IL-SCIBOT-BIB Software library for HiText, HiBuilder and hteMaster for liquid handling tasks