LiquiMaster Device Control Software

The LiquiMaster software enables the simple carrying out of liquid handling applications using AutoSam devices.

Using LiquiMaster table- or script-based time scheduled control systems can be carried out for an AutoSam sample collector with a 3/2- way valve in conjunction with our LabDos and LiquiDos peristaltic pumps and the SyrDos syringe pumps.

LiquiMaster can control the sampling either via the 3/2-way valve which is integrated into AutoSam and/or with the use of a LiquiDos or LabDos peristaltic pump.

The times for the valve and pump, pump speed or conveyed volume and the rinsing time, volume and speed of the stirrer drive can all be programmed.

The sampling times and quantities are entered into the schedule table.

The program automatically works down the table and creates a report of the sampling which has taken place.

By using the light version (SL-LIQUIML), AutoSam can be used for standard sampling tasks.

The LiquiMaster full version additionally enables free programming in HiText syntax, as a result of which additional valves and pumps can be controlled and sensors integrated.

The optional AutoSam feature connector (IL-AUTOSAM-FEACON) enables the connection of two further valves and two binary sensors to the AutoSam. Further sensors and devices may be integrated via an RS232 interface.

The Possibilities
  • Free selection of the control of the sample tray position and the injection needle
  • Control of the 3/2-way valve onto the needle slide and up to two external valves and a pump
  • Freely programmable rinsing cycles and needle rinsing programs
  • Reporting as a sample ticket etc.
  • Data exchange with LIMS systems

The software is based on HiBuilder and can be appropriately easily expanded in order, for example, for data to be exchanged with a laboratory information management system.

Product code Description
SL-LIQUIM LiquiMaster software for table-based and freely programmable liquid handling
SL-LIQUIML LiquiMaster software, light version, for table-based liquid handling