LabVision® - Control and Online Evaluation

LabVision® is in a class of its own in the area of control and online evaluation. The graphical recipe procedure control system HiBatch, the clear text language HiText, instruction List according to EN 61131, and AWLplus with structured text in HiText-oriented syntax as well as the device components (see LabManager® system) are available. Depending on the problem definition, the relevant type of program must be selected which is especially suited for the problem in question.

Programming of Algorithms

Algorithms are best programmed in HiText with English key words such as: calculations, programmed relationships (If..., then...). In the German version, German language elements are used (the German syntax can be used even in an English language environment).

HiText Control, Monitoring and Evaluation in plaintext

HiText is a clear text language for control, online evaluation and communication. HiText was developed in cooperation with users from the chemical industry with the aim of achieving a self-explanatory and self-documenting language which can be used by everyone. As HiText can be learned even by users with no programming experience in the shortest time, the language enjoys high acceptance, in particular with R&D users in laboratories and pilot plants.

The module contains a comfortable editor with many help functions, a multitasking-capable interpreter and a visualisation of the sequence of operation with a debugging assistant.

The syntax check takes place directly during the input. Errors are underlined and are clearly marked. Only formal, error-free programs can be started. 

All important mathematical functions are available for the calculation of mathematical expressions apart from the basic arithmetic operations. Set point defaults for controllers can be created with any desired progression (profile).

The common control types

  • Logic control
  • Sequence control
  • Time scheduled control

can be implemented, even in a combined form.

HiText is multitasking-capable, i. e. several programs can run simultaneously. Thus, you can clearly separate different tasks such as sequence control, monitoring, the execution of required reactions, online evaluation etc. and retain an overview, even of complex projects.

For example, specifications of temperature ramps do not have to be laboriously interwoven into a single sequential program while simultaneously monitoring a pH and a temperature window. Rather, each individual task is formulated as its own program, thus, in particular, ensuring the re-usability of modules and their long-term maintainability. 

A HiText program is self-explanatory and self-documenting so that it can be directly attached as documentation of the process sequence to GMP or GLP documents.

A HiText program may, according to requirements, work together with a stored PLC, an IL-AS control program or device components and assume within this the function of a higher-level group control level. Common data points (variables) enable an uncomplicated data exchange with an AS.

In addition, the modules of the HiBatch unit operation library are written in HiText. The users can thus program new unit operations themselves and extend the library.

HiText Language Elements

The tab card language elements contains the available commands.

A HiText program can be created by simply dragging the language elements or instructions with the mouse into the word processor window or by entering them directly using the keyboard.

In the Functions tab card you will find functions of the areas of: arithmetic, trigonometry, text and time/date.

These functions support the realisation of online evaluation programs and time scheduled control.

Product code Description
HITEXT HiText full version
SL-HITXTDLL DLL interface for HiText
SL-HITXTCOM COM interface driver for HiText
Dialogue and Report Forms

Dialogue and report forms with display and input objects, diagrams, graphics, switches etc. für HiText.

More about Dialogue and Report Forms for HiText