Dialogue and Report Forms

Dialogue and report forms with display and input objects, diagrams, graphics, switches etc. can be created using the graphical editor, without even having to program a single line. These forms can not only be used for an online-presentation of the data, but also for the generation of printed documents.

In conjunction with HiText experiments can be automatically evaluated online and presented in a suitable form. 

For every diagram there is a value table which contains all the presented values and which can be edited using the HiText program or manually. The form of the diagrams can be varied in many ways.


  • Multi-axis, x-t, x-y
  • Multi-curves
  • Multi-diagram
  • Curve attributes
  • Lines, plot symbols
  • Fill areas
  • Auxiliary lines
  • Linear or logarithmic scaling
  • Auto-scaling
Product code Description
SL-DIAPROT Dialogue and Report Forms with diagrams and tables for HiText