LabVision® Designer
Dynamic display and control graphics!

Display and control graphics

The system may be driven completely using display and control graphics in manual operation. Therefore, external display and control units are unnecessary.

Even operators who are not trained in detail on the system are immediately able to find the essential and can intuitively arrange the displayed values.

Operation is to a large extent self-explanatory thanks to the clear presentation. The operating possibilities can be limited for specific users. Therefore, even less qualified shift personnel can be familiarised with the operation in a short period of time.

The scope for design is virtually limitless. Its functions are extraordinarily versatile. For example, each of the display and control objects is explained through a freely produced text message if the mouse cursor is moved over the object.

Even the operating philosophy can be set. The choice is available between control objects which can be operated directly, for instance by clicking onto them with the mouse, or control objects which must first be opened by clicking on a (hand) symbol, to exclude accidental operation.

Critical operating processes can be additionally provided with confirmation dialogues. By storing user-defined RTF-formatted text and images, complex operating instructions or maintenance instructions can be displayed as an additional help for operating and display elements.