Further LabVision® Modules

LabVision® Switcher

The LabVision® Switcher software is an auxiliary module which enables by switching an alternate operation between different main versions of the LabVision® software (from version 2.5) on a computer without a previous de-installation and (re-)installation in Windows®.

This module is only intended for service personnel (administrators) who operate offline project development for each of their systems at locations with several system versions of the LabVision® software. Previous training at our company is obligatory for the operation of this module.

Product code Description
SL-SWITCHER Switcher software for the administration of various LabVision® versions on a PC

Calibration Data Module

By means of the Calibration Module the calibration data of MSRmanager or LabManager® AS data points can be saved, loaded and administered independently from the status of the referring project. 

The loaded project status should frequently remain unchanged if it is only intended to modify the calibration of the relevant data points.

This enables LabVision® projects which are created on a neutral development system to be distributed across several independent systems.

There, after a new project status has been loaded, the calibration data of each of the stations can be then loaded in order to avoid the re-calibration to the sensors and actuators which would otherwise be necessary.

Product code Description
SL-CALIBR Calibration Data Module for the administration of AS calibration data independently of the status of the project

Digital Signature of Export and Report Data

The validation of production and research systems (in accordance with FDA 21 CFR Part 11) makes the signature of export data, laboratory notebooks and result reports increasingly necessary.

The relevant LabVision® modules now create documents which are given an electronic signature which may be regarded as a signature on paper documents.

Signatures are checked when these documents are displayed in LabVision® and are thus protected against modification.

We especially recommend a use together with the LabVision® internal user administration (SL-BENRECH) so that allocations of created documents to personal identities may be stored.

Supported formats

  • CSV exports
  • HiText laboratory notebooks
  • Application manager log file
  • Calibration data files
Product code Description
SL-SIGNA Electronically signed file store for LabVision® and HiText

Programming Interface

The module ANWINT makes it possible to access from other programs (Visual Basic, C++, Delphi etc.) the current values of the data points being written and read. A period instruction of at least one day by our programmers is obligatory.

Product code Description
SL-ANWINT Programming Interface for LabVision®
DS-LVPROG Instruction in "SL-ANWINT" programming for LabVision®

Process and AS Simulation

By using the module PNKSIM an AS (LabManager® etc.) and the technical process can be completely simulated. This enables a system to be virtually operated on a PC. 

Typical applications are

  • Instruction and training of users
  • Education
  • Testing of automation projects
  • Simulation of procedural processes

The syntax of HiSim simulation programs is HiText compatible. It essentially varies from HiText in the following point:

HiText can read in values from inputs and write out values to outputs.

In contrast, HiSim can write out values to (virtual) inputs and read in values from outputs, e. g. write a temperature value to a virtual temperature measurement input or read the control value of a dosing pump.

The reaction of the simulated system to control variables can be simulated using suitable programs.

A project developed using HiSim can be transferred without change to a real system.

A period of instruction of at least one day by our programmers is obligatory.

Product code Description
SL-PNKSIM Emulator for HiTec ASs, including HiSim
DS-LVPROG Instruction in the programming for HiSim