LabVision® Multi-Plotter System

The multi-plotter is an innovative, holistic plotting system.. It displays to you the current and historical process conditions in the form of values (analogue plotters), events (event plotters) and process phases (phase plotters) clarity and consistency not seen until now 

A diagram can be printed out directly, or can be inserted into documents using the clipboard.

The presented period can be changed manually, via a worksheet or a program.

The presented values can be directly exported to spreadsheet programs.

Analogue Plotter

The analogue plotter presents analogue values as curves. It can plot up to 40 pages, each with eight curves on up to eight axes. The display can be spread and zoomed as desired.

When reading off values, the read-off cursor provides support in the form of a vertical line.

The position to be read off can be set using a mouse-click. The values can be read directly from the cursor or in the allocated table column below the diagram window.

Phase Plotter

Event Plotter

The event plotter provides a symbolic explanation of monitored events, operational messages, comments etc. Each event which occurs is displayed with its own symbol. The event plotter is displayed above the analogue plotter.

If the mouse cursor is moved over an event symbol, a pop-up window will appear with all information relating to the event.

The process report is opened by clicking on an event symbol and the relevant clear text message is displayed with a note on its source.