LabVision® Online Chart

The Online chart displays diagrams of values against time. The time axis can be optionally labelled with absolute time or time relative to the time of commencement, i.e. starting with zero.

A displayable read-off cursor simplifies the reading of the values on the cursor or in the stored value table. 

In contrast to the analogue plotter, online and offline curves can be compared with each other.

For online or offline comparisons, historical values or calculated set points can be displayed as curves. These reference curves can be preset from recorded LabVision® data values or from Microsoft® Excel® files.

A diagram can be printed out directly, or can be inserted into documents using the clipboard.

Additionally, the event and phase plotters can be displayed. The diagram can be marked with a title. A memo field can also be displayed for additional information. The starting time, period displayed, heading and additional text as well as phase texts can be set manually or by a HiText program.

The online charts module offers 40 pages, each with up to eight curves.

One axis can be placed to each of the right or left side of the diagram.

Product code Description
SL-ONLGRA Full version of Online Chart with reference curve display, capable of several MDI child windows
SL-ONLGRAL Online Chart, light version, limited to 2 diagrams, each with 8 curves, no reference curves