LabVision® Project Modules
Create automation projects in record time!

The technology of the LabVision® project modules marks a new generation of automation software with a user-friendliness and functionality not seen until now.

Instantiated project modules enable the visual creation of projects using prefabricated, ready-to-use modules using a drag and drop technology, i.e. a project is established by moving the required project module elements necessary for the demanded functions from a Designer library onto the worksheet. Project modules are combined using different LabVision® objects, including

  • Data points
  • Device components
  • Operating objects
  • Visualisation objects
  • Monitoring objects
  • HiText programs
  • Plotters, export configurations etc.

Completed project modules with the most common configurations are available as a library. These only require to be adjusted to the hardware equipment in the course of importing. This significantly shortens the development period for projects.

Thanks to a library administration of the generated project modules, it is possible to simply secure and easily transfer various work statuses of personally created modules to other systems in a similar way to the LabVision® project administration.