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LabDos Gear Pumps


Annual gear pumps for the pulsation-free conveying and dosing within the control circuit of particle-free liquids of low to higher viscosity with medium flow.

Heating is possible.


Special Characteristics:

  • Low-Noise Run
  • Valveless Design
  • High Pressure
  • Accurate and reliable
  • Long Term Stability
  • Extensive Operational Range
  • Small Dead Volume

For operation at a LAB-PI, a RS232 interface is required.


Technical Data

Mode of Operation Magnet-coupled Annual Gear Pump
Delivery Rate 0,05...280 ml/min / 0,012..70 ml/min / 0,03...18 ml/min
Max. Pump Pressure 80 bar /30 bar / 10 bar
Media Connections Di 4mm Da 6mm / Di 1/16" Da 8"/ Di 1/16" Da 1/8"
Speed 0 to 6000 Rev/min. Speed is load-independent.
System Pressure 100 bar
Dosing into Vacuum No
Suction Height Self-priming up to a low suction height depending on media.
Materials in Contact with Media High Grade Steel 316L
Media Temperature -5 ..60°C . Higher temperatures are available upon request.
Activation RS232, optional 4..20mA
Operational Voltage/ Power 230V AC, 150W
Media Compatibility Many chemicals. Please verify individual cases.
Protection Class IP 30
EX Version No. If required, please contact us.

Pumps with other Properties on Request.

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