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Modular Micro-Reaction Technology: The chemical plant on the bench


Micro-reaction technology opens up new ways to develop novel reaction processes and to construct advanced economic chemical plants. The advantages of the continuous operation mode in micro-structures are: ultra-fast mixing, highly effective heat transfer, short and controllable residence times, low system inertia for ideal process control and high safety due to extremely low  hold-up.

The basic advantages of the micro-reaction technology for the development of new chemical processes and the production, both in the fine and mass chemical sector, offer significant potential for innovation and amortisation. Micro-modules can also be integrated into conventional plants without any problem.

The micro-reaction technology enable to exactly control complex or critical reactions of fine chemistry (special products, agricultural and pharmaceutical
chemicals), which considerably increases the operational safety of the chemical production. Economically attractive application possibilities have also been detected for bulk chemicals and polymers. The future technology of customised materials is also not imaginable without micro-technology. Microreactors allow the selective generation of nano-particles for micro-electronics, the development of drug delivery systems for human medicine, and the realisation of new concepts within diagnostics. Micro-reaction modules enable basis process
operations such as:

  • Mixing
  • Dispersing
  • Gassing
  • Precipitation
  • Heat Exchange, etc.

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The LabVision automation software enables a spread sheet based definition of complete experiments, which will be run completely autoamted. Profiles for e.g. liquids and temperatures can be entered into spread sheets. The resultes will automatically be adocumented in the electronic Laboratroy notebook. Samples can be drawn with an AutoSam sampling device. The Syrdos syringe pump enables a continuous and pulsation free dosing of educts even under high pressures up to 30 bars.

Multiple micro reaction construction kits and multiple components e.g. micro reactors, mixers, sensors and actuators or heat exchangers are available.

Please find a detailed overview of all components here.

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