Automation Technique

Laboratory automation, meaning automation in the laboratory, pilot plant and miniplant is indispensable if you want to increase quality and productivity and reduce costs. HiTec Zang systems, devices and components for laboratory automation  focuses on application oriented automation.

Laboratory automation of HiTec Zang is distinguished by its ease to handle even by an inexperienced user and its flexibility to adapt to every need.

The LabManager® laboratory automation system and the associated PLS-software LabVision were developed according to the NAMUR recommendations for research, process control and laboratory automation. The main goal was to to make automation in the laboratory, pilot plant and miniplant so simple, that it can be mastered by chemists, process engineers and laboratory technicians, even without training in automation technology. 

Read more here about which special features an automation system for R & D in the laboratory, miniplant or pilot plant must have: NAMUR-compliant laboratory automation.

For the automation of benchtop systems, laboratory systems, pilot plants and miniplants, HiTec Zang supplies individual components as well as turnkey systems. Existing plants can be retrofitted.