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LabBox® - Automate laboratory equipment easily

The LabBox® is your entry into the digital laboratory. You can easily automate experiments and processes and gain time for more runs.

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LabKit™ made-to-measure laboratory reactor systems

HiTec Zang offers a sophisticated range of reactor systems from mL to 100 L scale for the development lab, safety lab, kilo lab, pilot plant, miniplant and small volume production.

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LabManager® - The Interface Genius!

The automation and process control system which is specially suited for laboratory, mini and bench plants as well as for pilot plants.

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LabVision® Process Visualisation & Control

LabVision® is the trend-setting, modular visualisation and automation software system for automation devices from HiTec Zang and other manufacturers.

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SyrDos™ - Syringe Doser

The SyrDos™ syringe dosing devices have proven themselves thousands of times over to be capable of precisely dosing small and minute volumes and oxidation-sensitive materials.

LabDos® Peristaltic Pumps

The LabDos™ laboratory pump perfectly meets these varied requirements and is good value for money.

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