HiFermFCU Customized Fermenter Controlling Systems

The level of automation of conventional bioreactors in microbiology and in cell culture equipment is years behind automatic laboratory reactors for a chemistry laboratory.

HiTec Zang has now made available its expertise gathered through decades of experience in laboratory automation for customized automated bioreactors.

The highly developed HiFerm-FCU fermenter control system enables automatic operation of a fermenter with a level of automation not seen until now.

It is based on the MSRmanager automation system with a customized interface module.

The sensors and actuators are connected via water-jet proof IP65 plugs and sockets with the result that the connections are simple to install and may be quickly released where required.

The analysis electronics for oxygen, pH, temperature probes etc. are integrated and there are many different possibilities for expansion.

Analogue and digital outputs with a short-circuit-proof semiconductor switch are provided for the control of valves and pumps.

Analogue signals from temperature sensors, electrodes and other sensors are digitalised with 24 bit and deliver an appropriately excellent measuring accuracy. Digital inputs are used for the connection of limit switches or malfunction indicators from connected devices.

Laboratory apparatus, such as balances, special sensor systems, analysers, dosing systems, gas mixers etc. can be connected via serial interfaces.

Dosing controllers for pump-controlled or gravimetric dosing are integrated. Even dosing systems which are controlled by online measurement and analysis values can be easily achieved.

Using the LabVision® automation software and expansion modules such as EasyBatch or HiBatch batch control, even complex and challenging automation tasks can be achieved in an uncomplicated manner.


  • Expandable with analysis instruments and special sensors
  • Open control software LabVision® which can be expanded using numerous options
  • Complex process control possible
  • Touch-screen for operation without keyboard and mouse
  • Automatically compiled laboratory notebook
  • Uninterrupted data chain from the job order to the LIMS
  • Optionally as complete system with pumps, sensors etc.
  • Integration of third-party components possible

A user-friendly interface and an easy handling of the system guarantee a short familiarisation period.

A basic project with the functionalities, operating screens and parameterisation required for normal fermenter operation can be ­extended almost completely as desired.

The analogue values are shown as a curve on the screen by the
analogue data recorder, limiting value violations are displayed and
lead to alarms issued and the whole event history is retained in detail
in a process report. All values, parameters and events are stored highly
compressed in an adaptive database.

The metabolic activity of the biological culture can be determined online via breathing activity (OTR, CTR, RQ, OT, CT, μmax) using the optionally available exhaust gas analysis module. In this way statements can be made quickly and simply on the growth rate, substrate consumption, metabolic adaption or the biomass.

Up to eight precision hose pumps are provided for dosing in fed-batch or in continuous operation. They guarantee a secure, constant substrate feed for the process and a precise dosing of anti-foam, alkali and acid for the pH regulation.


  • Dissolved oxygen sensor (pO2)
  • Direct connection for pH and Redox probes (extendable to 2)
  • 2 special inputs with current/voltage source, for example, for a foam
  • 8 analogue inputs for flow meters, temperature and pressure sensors etc.
  • 8 analogue outputs for dosing pump and stirrer control
  • 16 digital outputs with short-circuit-proof semi-conductor switch for solenoid valves, pumps, heaters etc.
  • 14 digital inputs for fill level, pressure monitoring devices etc.
  • 8 RS232 interfaces for balances, analysers, laboratory apparatus etc.
  • 4 USB connections for keyboard, mouse, printer, memory stick, web-cam etc.
  • Alcohol probe
Product code Description
VA-HIFERM-FCU Fermenter Control Unit