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Sample Plants

Thanks to an extraordinary extensive portfolio of process controlle devices, laboratory devices and instrumation and automation units HiTec Zang can meet everyones needs of plant automation. Our interdisciplinary professionals from areas of chemistry, process control, bio process control, biotechnology, automation and electro technology guarantees a best possible consultancy and assistance even in ambitious projects.

Here you can find some of our plants:

Automated laboratory reactor systems LabKit-alr

for chemistry, pharma, biotechnology and food

Reaction calorimetry with a plus in functionality LabKit-rc

Heat Flow and thermal balance calorimetry with the leading evaluation software KalDas

Parallel reactor systems which lead to your goal much faster MultiLab

Manufactured to customes need, extremely versatile and extendable


Multi purpose plants for laborabotory, mini-plant and pilot plant

Idealy balanced to your needs.

Unique solutions for Biotec & Food

Fermenters, laboratory reactor- or mini-plants

Custom solutions based on customer need and unique solutions

Formulation devices, dosing cars, sample taking and measurement devices, switching cabinets.

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