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GraviDos: Gravimetric Dosing without a pump

The innovative dosing system GraviDos functions as a classical dropping funnel according to the force of gravity principle and consequently does not need any pumps.  Due to this, the problems which always occur with pumps, like media incompatibility, suction problems, bubbles, etc. are eliminated.  The inte­grated weighing system requires so little space that several dosing-units can be integrated without problems into a compact laboratory.

All dosing strutures like n on 1(many to one), 1 on n (one to many) or n on n (many to many) can be realised. In addition, it results in a considerable saving of cost since no expensive balances and pumps are needed.

Dosing of highly viscous media or into pressured reactors can be assured by raising the feeding limit with a pump.

The optional Ex-adapter enables the operation of the GraviDos load cell in explosive environments. 

Fields of Application

  • Gravimetric dosing
  • Tank content measurement
  • Reactor content measurement
  • Mass flow rate measurement
  • pH-control
  • Titration

Properties and Functions

  • Low-cost gravimetric dosing
  • Compact and robust
  • No need for pumps
  • Easy to clean
  • Large dosing-range
  • Refilling without dosing interruption
  • Optional pulsation-free dosing
  • Resistant to aggressive media
  • Ex-suitable design available

In the standard version all parts in contact with media are only made of glass, ETFE and Kalrez . Custom designs made of other materials are available. 


For an operation with the recipe control system HiBatch, there is the base command „Dose Gravi" (SB-DOSGRAVI). This also allows refilling during operation without interrupting the dosing process.

Application Examples

Gravimetric Dosing (controlled dropping funnel)

The classical dropping funnel or dosing mechanisms with pumps and balances are replaced by GraviDos.

Precise Dosing of large Amounts

The medium is automatically refilled from the reservoir.  During the refilling-stage, the flow is optionally kept consistent or suspended.


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