LabManager® Product Family
The interface genius!

The LabManager®-product family contains automation devices of different sizes that are built up in a modular manner. This ensures that you always obtain a device which best meets your requirements. The connecting technology is uniformly based on slide-in modules with four inputs or outputs in each case and standardised plugs and sockets.

The LabManager® module racks generally equipped with a 32-bit CPU slide-in module. Communication is carried out with the operator station using Ethernet or an optional RS-232. interface.

The power-saving processor technology produces very little heat loss so that the devices can be generally run without forced ventilation. This ensures high reliability and service life.

The robust metal case of the LabManager® is suitable for free-standing arrangement and for the mounting in control cabinets or 19-inch racks. The user interfaces for the basic device functions are located on the front panel of the LabManager®.

Characteristics & Advantages

  • 32-Bit-CPU
  • Redundant time base and system monitoring system (Watchdog)
  • USB interfaces for data media and optional interfaces
  • RS-485 Modbus interfaces
  • Ethernet and RS-232 interface
  • Integrated power supply for sensors and actuators
  • 2-point scaling/calibration for all data points (inputs, outputs,...)
  • Limit and warn values for all data points
  • Manual/automatic mode for all data points
  • Integrated filter functions: low pass, averaging, min., max., distribution, variance
  • Linearisation tables for Pt100, NiCr-Ni, Fe-CuNi (type L), etc. and user-defined tables in the flash memory
  • Device components for connections of data points
  • Sensor and conductor error detection
Model LabManager® 1 LabManager® 2 LabManager® 3
Dimensions (W x H x D) 238 x 188 x188 mm (4 HE without feet) 344 x 188 x188 mm (4 HE without feet) 451 x 188 x188 mm (4 HE without feet)
Extension reserve Up to 5 slide-in modules Up to 8 slide-in modules Up to 12 slide-in modules
Working temperature 0…40 °C, non-condensing
Storage temperature 0…65 °C, non-condensing
Degree of protection IP20
Security EN 61010, EN 61508
EMC EN 61326-1
Power consumption Depending on configuration 15…120 W Depending on configuration 20…240 W Depending on configuration 20…240 W
Power output 60 W (100 W temporary*) analogue/digital modules when using LM-FAN: 100 W analogue/digital modules max. 100 W analogue modules + max. 100 W digital modules, total load 100 W (200 W temporary*) max. 100 W analogue modules + max. 100 W digital modules, total load 150 W (200 W temporary*) with 150 W-Option: max. 100 W analogue modules + max. 150 W digital modules, total load 150 W (200 W temporary*)
Power supply 90 ... 264 V 50/60 Hz
Unladen weight 4,3 kg 5,3 kg 6,3 kg

* "temporary" means a max. of 5 min. within one hour.

Slide-in Modules for LabManager® Module Racks

Suitable slide-in modules based on the current NAMUR standard are available for all sensor-actuator interfaces for the connection of sensors, actuating elements and devices to the LabManager® ASs and sub-stations.
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150 W Option for LabManager® Module Rack 3

Extension to raise the power output of the LabManager® Module Rack 3 up to max. 100W for analogue modules + max. 150 W for digital modules, total load 150 W (200 W temporary, max. of 5 min. within one hour)

Product code: LM-LABPS200

Product code Description
LM-LABM1B LabManager® module rack 1 for individual mounting
LM-LABM2B LabManager® module rack 2 for individual mounting
LM-LABM3B LabManager® module rack 3 for individual mounting