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HiTec Zang Main Catalogue
Your One-Stop-Shop around the laboratory reactor.

HiTec Zang About us and our products
Your One-Stop-Shop around the laboratory reactor introduces himself and his product range.

Chemistry Product Portfolio
Everything around the laboratory reactor.

RAMOS® Fed-Batch

Bio-Technological Product Portfolio
Everything around the fermenter.

Training - Educational systems
Systems and didactical material for education and training

LabManager Laboratory automation
Automation of Laboratory, pilot and mini plants.

LabVision - The maximum automation with the minimum of engineering
See how easy it can be producing complex recipes and realizing difficult processes within minutes!

HiBatch trend-setting recipe control software
Graphical programming, compliant to NAMUR and IEC, basic operation concept

eJournal - the electronic Laboratory Notebook
Test Documentation as it should be!

LabKit Laboratory Reactor Plants
standarised automatic laboratory reactors as well as customer specific

KalDas - Reaction Calorimetry
Reacion calorimetry highliy flexible

MultiLab automatic parallel synthesis plant for R&D
supports batch, semi-batch, continuous and multistage processes

MiniLab Mini reactor system
Always faster with automated parallel synthesis

MicroLab modular micro-reaction system
Micro reactor system and components

MicroLab modular micro-reaction system
Automatized Execution of Multivariate Experiments
in Microstructured Reactors

MoleculeEye ATR-FTIR Molecular Spectrometer
thin fibre-optic ATR-probe with high resistance agains pressure and temperature. In-Situ-measuring of MIR fingerprint areas.

ViscoPakt Measuring Stirring Drives
Stirring with precise torque measurement.


AutoSam Sample Collector
Sampling around the clock, through a septum in up to 2000ml flasks

Formulation station - Programme-controlled formulation and Handlingstations
Programme-controlled handling of gases, liquids and solids

LabDos- dosing pumps
Dosing pump with superior dosing technology. One fits All!

GraviDos controlled dosing
Gravimetric dosing without a pump even for aggresive media.

SoliDos Dosing of powders, granules, crystals
For the laboratory reactor, chemically resistant, suitable for vacuums

PhaSep Automatic phase-boundary detection and separation
e.g. seperation of organic and inorganic liquids

Software Gasmischstation Gmix41

Gmix precision gas mixing device
for chemistry, biotechnology, R&D applications etc.

RAMOS® System

RAMOS parallel respiration activity measurement online
Measurement of OTR (Oxygen transfer rate), CTR (Carbondioxid transfer rate) and RQ (respiration quotient) in cell cultures and microbial cultures.

RAMOS® Fed-Batch

RAMOS Fed-Batch automated fed system for microorganisms or cells
Fully automated feed control extension for the established RAMOS functionality.


RAMOS Bioprocess optimisation
Get involved with the why, what and where.


OmniFerm - Miniature Laboratory fermenter
The mini bioreactor system big on features.

OmniFerm® Edelstahl Pilotfermenter

HiFerm-FCU - Fermenter Control Unit
The next generation of fermenter control

Teflon Flow sensors
Sensor with excellent resistance against most chemicals and is suitability for a wide application range.

Publications and scientific studies realized with our devices can be requested here.

Our customers can download LabVision Updates via our LabVision Update Service.

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